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Manufacturing high quality kilns and ovens for over 50 years.

When you buy a Cobcraft New Zealand made kiln or product you get total peace of mind.  We are here for all after sales service, advice, parts and repairs.

Please see below specifications for our Octagon and Mate range of kilns, for current prices please send us an email to for an up-to-date list.

You can also view our Electrical Installation & Warranty Document here


Octagon 3.2

The original Cobcraft Kiln for over 50 years, suited for frequent firing, used in clubs, Schools and commercial use:

  • Decagon 9.5 CuFt

  • Octagon 5 CuFt

  • Octagon 3.2 CuFt

  • China Painter 1.2 CuFt

  • Mini 0.95 CuFt 

Octagon 3.2 and Octagon 5
Mate 1.0 Kiln

The Economy Range of Cobcraft Mate kilns, suited for infrequent firing and hobby use.

  • Mate 6.9 CuFt

  • Mate 5.3 CuFt

  • Mate 5.1 CuFt

  • Mate 4.0 CuFt

  • Mate 2.0 CuFt

  • Mate 1.0 CuFt

Mate Kilns

Glass Fusion Kiln

Glass Fusion Kiln
Glass fusion Kiln
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