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Powerful metal grinding paste for removing the most stubborn dirt on metal. NSF-certified.


We use this on our Stainless steel kiln cases, new and old to remove any tarnishing, rust or contaminants to restore to new.


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Buy Metal restorer online (

Buy Metal restorer online


Wurth Metal Restorer

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  • Instructions

    Apply sparingly to the surface to be cleaned. Polish evenly with a damp/wet sponge or cloth, working in a circular motion. Treat the entire surface. Rinse with water so there are no residues.

  • Application area

    For metal surfaces made from stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper, aluminium, gold and silver. Can be used on vehicles, in technical equipment, in the home and in the food processing sector. For environmentally friendly removal of tempering colour. Also suitable for glass and glass ceramics.

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